Risk Management

The risk management is the process to measure risks and develop strategies to handle it.


The strategies include the transfer of risk to third parties, avoiding risk, reducing the negative effect and finally accepting in part or totally the consequences of a particular risk. Financial risk management, on the other hand, focuses on governable risks using financial trading instruments.

It should be noted that recently the concept of risk tends to expand into “risk / opportunity”, where together with negative impacts (threats) are also associated with potential positive impacts (opportunities) to be pursued.

The phases of the process

  1. Establish the context
  2. Identify the risks
  3. Analyze the risks
  4. Evaluate the risks
  5. Check the risks

Often the “controlling risks” step is divided into a phase of preparation and approval of the Risk Action Plan and a phase of execution, control and modification of the plan.

Risk management is therefore a recursive process, subject to updates, and does not end with initial risk identification.

How we can help you

We deal with risk management both as a single analysis and within our business plans

  1. Matrix of risks for probability and impact
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. PEST ANALYSIS Political, economic, social and technological risks
  4. Analysis of the external forces of M. Porter

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