European Regional Development Fund

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is a fund allocated by the European Union. Its purpose is to transfer money from richer regions (not countries), and invest it in the infrastructure and services of underdeveloped regions. This will allow those regions to start attracting private sector investments, and create jobs on their own.


As part of its task to promote regional development, the ERDF contributes towards financing the following measures:

Objective convergence
  • Modernising and diversifying economic structures
  • Creating sustainable jobs
  • Stimulating economic growth
  • Attention to urban, remote, mountainous, sparsely populated, and the outermost regions
Regional competitiveness and employment
  • Innovation and knowledge economy (e.g., research and technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship, financial engineering)
  • Environment and risk prevention (e.g., cleaning up polluted areas, energy efficiency, clean urban public transport, risk prevention plans)
  • Access to transport and telecommunications
Territorial cooperation
  • Cross-border economic, social, and environmental activities
  • Transnational cooperation, including bilateral cooperation between maritime regions
  • Inter-regional cooperation, including networking and exchange of experiences between regional and local authorities

How we can help you

We check if there is an ERDF call that can fit your project, then we prepare a feasibility study and help you fill out the membership application

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