Venture capitalist: the boost for your firm

The business plan is the starting point of a business project. But often, to make dreams come true, funding is needed.

Our study deals with the search for investors such as:

  • Business Angels
  • Venture Capital Company
  • Business banks
  • Private investors

We collaborate with the main venture associations in Italy and all around the world

How the service works

At the end of the business plan, we create a pitch (presentation on Power Point and, if needed, a video).

In the pitch we highlight:

  1. Who are the founders?
  2. What the company produces?
  3. What problems is going to solve?
  4. How production and distribution are organized?
  5. In which markets it operates?
  6. The main economic-financial data

All documentation is then sent to all our partners and published in the most important venture platform

Once we have received an of interest from an investor, we assist our customers at all stages of  until the incorporation

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