Cash flow statement

What is the cash flow statement?

Liquidity control is an essential tool for companies. In fact, only with a careful control of the liquidity they can avoid:

  • cash deficit, with consequent requests for short-term financing to the banking system;
  • excessive short-term debt;
  • excessive cash retention, with money that could instead be used in more profitable ways;

How is it done?

For this reason, the cash flows must be monitored at close intervals, monthly at least. For each time frame you need to know:

  • the income;
  • the receivables to be collected;
  • the debts to be paid;
  • the raw materials to be purchased;
  • the VAT (if applicable

How can we help you?

You can entrust us with periodic checks of your cash. In this way:

  1. Save money by freeing one or more resources for productive activities;
  2. You do not have to hire internal resources. We already know what is to be done;
  3. You have an objective opinion on the business ongoing;
  4. You have the best control of your treasury by anticipating any cash shortages before they become a problem;
  5. You do not have to ask for short-term loans. Often burdensome and difficult to obtain;

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