Business Plan

The Business Plan is a tool for translating entrepreneurial ideas into executive projects, explaining them to investors and collecting the necessary funds to bring them to market.

But it is above all an indispensable method for the entrepreneur himself to evaluate his idea objectively, to deepen it and, if necessary, to modify it.

With the business plan the entrepreneur first carefully plans, then acts

Our goal is to write a business plan tailored to each customer. According to need and budget.

The business plan is a tool that sees a strong interaction between the customer / entrepreneur and the professional in charge to write it.  To facilitate this interaction we use videoconferences and clouding systems that allow a fast and secure sharing of data.

But, first and foremost, we  listen to our customers, because their success is our success.

Our business plan

Our business plans are different. Because we spent years to evaluate business plan for of investors and banks.

The most important concept is strategic planning, which is an integration among:

  • Market researches;
  • Marketing;
  • Managerial accounting;
  • Risk Management;
  • Strategic areas;
  • Financial accounting;

Market researches:

Before launching a new product or service, none knows whether it will be a success or a failure. Markets are a moltitudine of people that will buy or not the product. So, it is important to test it before.Using specific tools we are able to test products or services by conducting surveys to specific targets


We prepare the marketing mix (4Ps product, price , place and promotions) and then we select the target and we analyse the competitors.

Managerial accounting:

Analizziamo il costo unitario, il break-even point ed il margine di contribuzione. Consigliamo al cliente cosa, quanto e dove produrre. Dati alla mano.

Risk Management:

We use the risk matrix to identify all the possible threats that can undermine the activity. When the risk is moderate / high, we recommend the strategy to mitigate it. We never deliver a business plan if all the potential risks have not been reduced to acceptable levels.

Strategic area:

What do you sell? To who? How? Because?
They seem trivial questions but are the basis for the launch of a new business or a new product. The answers must be clear and convincing, otherwise it is better not to sell it.
Again we use the SWOT analysis and the M. Porter’s five forces.

Financial Statements:

Our business plans project the business ahead of 5 years and for each year we write:

  • Income statement;
    Balance sheet;
    Cash flows (net changes and cash at the end of the year);

If there is a problem we help you to solve it.

That’s why we are different.


Often, a business plan is prepared to find investors that put the money to launch a new business ora a new product. We can help you



The success rate  of our business plans (financed / presented) is very high. This is because we only write solid business plans, without any critical issues.

To do this we make use of KPIs (key performance indicators). There is no entrepreneur who does not know how they work.. These are indicators that summarise  the trend of a given parameter.

Each section of our business plans has its KPIs. For example:

Cash (cash flow) which must always be positive and with a specific “buffer” to ensure corporate liquidity
The ratio ROTA / average cost of debt

Obviously there are many others. If even one of these indicators generates concern, we stop and find the solution together with the entrepreneur.

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